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COMING SOON: Summer Tajdeed (revival) – Intensive Islamic courses (June-Sept 2010)

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AL TAJDEED (reviving the Sunnah and the classical Islamic Sciences)

Imam Malik –rahimahullaahu ta’aalaa said, “The (affairs of the) latter part of this Ummah will not be corrected except by that which corrected its first part.” [Reported by Ibn ‘Abdil-Barr in his book At-Tamheed]

In view of the above statement, Ijaza Courses is proud to announce its summer 2010 Tajdeed intense islamic courses in order to revive the sciences that the early part of this ummah (as salaf as saalih) carried.

The following courses will be taught:

Course 1: Aqidah Wasatiyyah of Sheikh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (delivered by Sheikh Ali Al Khalfa’oui, Madeenah University, K.S.A), Source text: Translation by Mohammad Khaleel Harris, 15-week programme, 2 hours per week. EXCLUSIVE COURSE TO EAIS ONLY (just 60 places available for reservation, early booking is advisable).

Course 2: Preparing for your best ever Ramadhan The Fiqh of Ramadhan plus authentic spiritual preparation (delivered by Sheikh Abdul Hadi Arwani, Imam of Acton Mosque (Faculty of Shariah, Jordan University), source text: Nur Al Idah (Hanafi Fiqh), 10 weeks – 2 hours per week;

Course 3: Family Law the Fiqh of Marriage and Divorce (delivered by Sheikh Abdul Hadi Arwani (Imam of Acton Mosque), Faculty of Shariah, Jordan University), source text Mukhtasir Al Quduri (Hanafi Fiqh) 10 weeks – 2 hours per week; 

Course 4: Tajweed ul Qur’an Level 1 and Level 2 (Sheikh Mohammad Khalil Al Masree, Al Azhar Cairo) 10 weeks – 2 hours per week;

Course 5: Intensive Arabic language – using Madeenah Books 1, 2 and 3, 12 weeks 2.5 hours per week.

All courses are a one off payment.  Fees start from £70 per course.  Course materials will be provided.

Further details will be available soon alongside an extensive marketing campaign.

The European Academy is your first choice madrassa for an authentic Islamic curricula with quality provision.


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