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Our Teachers and Lecturers

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The European Academy for Islamic Studies (EAIS) believes that knowledge is an amanah (trust) and hence it must be disseminated with clarity and authenticity.  Our Teachers are of the highest calibre.  They have extensive experience in teaching Arabic  and the Islamic disciplines to both Muslims and non-Muslims across the globe. 

Male Teachers

  1. Sheikh Abdul Hadi Arwani (syrian origin) graduated with a B.A. Hons from the Faculty of Shariah in Jordan and specialises in the field of Quran, Usool Al Fiqh and Fiqh.  He is a specialist in Hanafi Fiqh and has taught Al Ikhtiyaar and Nur Al Idah over the last 3 years in concentrated study circles based in Slough and West London.  The Ustadh is currently the Imam of Masjid Al Noor in Acton and  teaches extensively on the shariah degree programme at EAIS.  In recent years he has taught Ibn Hajr’s Buloogh Al Maram wa Adilatul Ahkaam (the attainment of the objective according to the ordinances of the shariah), Sahih Bukhari and Ulum Al Qu’ran.  The sheikh is the foremost authority on Marriage contracts and Divorce law (according to Islam) in London.  He is an expert Raaqi’ as well;
  2. Sheikh Ali Al Khalfa’oui (algerian origin) graduated from Madeenah Islamic University (K.S.A) with a B.A. Hons in Usul Al Deen.  In addition he studied for six years under the world renowned noble Shuyukh Mukhtaar Al Shinqiti and Nasr Al Aql.  He specialises in Uloom Al Hadeeth and Aqidah.  He has Ijazah to teach Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Nukhbatul Fikr, Aqidah Wasatiyyah and Aqidah Tahawiyyah amongst many other works;
  3. Sheikh Mohammad Khalil (egyptian origin) graduated from Al-Azhar (Cairo).  Born in Faaqous in Egypt, he started studying tajweed from an early age. He memorised the Qur’an by 18 years old. and graduated with a B.A. specialising in the 14 recitations from Ma’had lil Qira’at be Madinat al-Isma’iliyah, Misr (an affiliate of Al Azhar).  He has the Highest Sanad (a’la al-Isnaad feel Aa’lam) from Sheikh Zakariyya Al-Jamajmouni consisting of only 13 narrators.  He has ijazas in the 10 Qira’at, from a number of Shuyukh including Sa’ed Sabaah, Abdul Sam’i Basyouni, Sheikh Mustapha Boohee, Jabir Irjaad, Zakariya Abdul Salaam (all from Egypt) and Sheikh Ali Al-Ghamidie (Makkah).  He has memorised many famous mutoon (texts) and has Ijaza to teach including al-Tuhfatul al-Atfaal, al-Jazariya, ash-Shatibiya, ad-Durra, at-Tayiba;
  4. Sheikh Ahmad Amir Ali  (Mohammad ibn Saud University, K.S.A).  Sheikh Ahmad is the Principal and founding Director of the European Academy for Islamic Studies.  He specialises in the study of Seerah and Tafseer.  Sheikh Ahmad often appears on Arab sattelite channels such as Mustaqillah advocating Islamic viewpoints towards contemporary issues.  He is also a regular khateeb at a mosque in Hounslow (West London);
  5. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Zaidi (Ph.D from Al-Azhar (Egypt) and B.A. Hons in Shariah from Algeria).  Sheikh Zaidi is currently khateeb at Al Muntada Al Islami London and Head of the Islamic Studies degree programme at EAIS.  He is the principal lecturer at the Academy.  His book on the subject of Al Ijtihaad (juristic exertion) has acquired critical acclaim from contemporary scholars and academics and is listed as a ‘must-read’ book in all main encyclopedias related to Maqasid Al Shariah (the higher objectives of Islamic law).  The sheikh specialises in the teaching of Bidayatul Mujtahid (the starting point for a Mujtahid) by Ibn Rushd;
  6. Sheikh Saleh Oueslati (Al-Qayrawan University, Tunisia) – specialises in Islamic Economics and Finance.  A lawyer by profession.  Sheikh Saleh has compiled a three-volume encyclopedia on Islamic Economics which contains all the latest research and ideas by leading economists and ideologues around the world advocating the economic system in Islam as an alternative to the western banking model.  The compilation is a monumental effort and has been received by all the leading authorities favourably;
  7. Sheikh Ahmad Ghaloul (Al Qayrawan University, Tunisia) – specialises in Usool Al Fiqh and Maqaasid Al Shariah.  Sheikh Ghaloul is currently finishing off his PhD on the Usul of Sheikh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah;
  8. Qari Dr Shukry Majuli (Morocco and Syria) – specialist in Hifz Al Qur’an and currently Imam of Dar Al Ri’ayyah (in Finsbury park), East London;
  9. Sheikh Abdul Qayyum (Mohammad ibn Saud University, K.S.A) and currently long-standing Imam of the Whitechapel Mosque and London Muslim Centre (LMC) – specialises in Usool Al Deen.  He has taught on the undergraduate degree programme over the last two-years Ibn Taymiyyah’s Kitab Al Iman;
  10. Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford and India) – visiting lecturer;
  11. Dr. Muhammad Shayyal (Egypt) – former lecturer at London Westminster University and Markfield Institute for Higher Education (MIHE).  Dr. Shayaal specialises in Islamic history, politics and comparitive religions (makaran ad-deen);
  12. Dr. Hayder Khan (graduate from the B.A. programme at the European Academy for Islamic Studies (London), Part-time Imam and khateeb at an inner city 6th form college.  A mathematics teacher and head of department by profession, Dr Hayder Khan is also Director of the short courses programme at EAIS;
  13. Dr. Muhammad Akunjee (medical doctor by profession, but has studied under many notable shuyukh Aqidah, Fiqh and Hadith studies.  He studied arabic in Syria.  Dr. Muhammad Akunjee is Deputy Director of the short courses programme at EAIS;
  14. Aminale Islam (graduate from the B.A. programme at the European Academy for Islamic Studies (London)).  Aminale studied Arabic at the European Institute for Human Sciences (EIHS) in France and is currently pursuing an Ijaza Samawiyyah in Sahih Muslim.

Female Teachers

  1. Ustadha Maream was born in Damascus Syria into an Islamic family.  From an early age she was taught traditional Islam at the hands of her mother Ustadha Umm Muhammad ‘Alouni (Graduate of Shari’ah, University of Damascus) and studied Shafi’ie Fiqh (Kitaab Fiqh al-Ibadaa’at ala Madhab ash-Shafi’ie) under Ustadha al-Hajaa al-Khuloud (Doctor of Fiqh, University of Damascus).  She studied Tajweed and its Sciences under various teachers including Anisa Hanadee (Mujaza Qur’an wa Tajweed from Sheikh al-Qaari Muhayiden al-Kurdi) and Anisa Rubana (Mutakhasis bi Tahfeez Qur’an wal Tajweed, Graduate of Shari’ah) for 2 years. She has memorised the Qur’an in its entirety and has Ijaza from Sheikh Muhammed Khalil Al-Masree in the Qira’ah of Hafs An-Aasim. She has been living in the United Kingdom for a number of years and has continued her Islamic studies completing a Certificate in Islamic Studies from the London Open College;
  2. Ustadha Yasmin is a 3rd year student on the B.A. Shariah degree programme at EAIS.  She is a teacher at Al Shaksiyyah Islamic school  and an active da’iee and circuit speaker at schools and colleges in and around London.  She specialises in the Fiqh Al Nisa’a (rulings related to women).  Sr. Yasmin organises public study circles around the Slough area for the general muslims.

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